Changing FS type reported by Wine - regression test

Stephen Mollett molletts at
Fri Dec 27 08:36:19 CST 2002


I've narrowed the origin of the problem down to the patch described in:

Before this patch (2002-11-20 13:47:00 CST), frame preview works normally in 
VirtualDub. Afterwards, vdub crashes when seeking. Later cvs versions don't 
crash but don't display frames either.

The console output from Wine includes:

fixme:msvideo:DrawDibRealize (0x1, 0x8f4, 0), stub

just once before a load of messages similar to:

fixme:psapi:EnumProcessModules (hProcess=0xffffffff, 0x425cf000, 4096, 
fixme:psapi:GetModuleBaseNameA (hProcess=0xffffffff, hModule=0x400000, "", 
65212): stub
fixme:psapi:GetModuleBaseNameA (hProcess=0xffffffff, hModule=0x425e0000, "", 
65212): stub
fixme:psapi:GetModuleBaseNameA (hProcess=0xffffffff, hModule=0x78000000, "", 
65212): stub

when a crash occurs, but the later non-crashing versions just display loads of 
messages similar to the first one (DrawDibRealize).

If you like, I can try to track down when the crashing behaviour changed to 
simple non-drawing.



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