Changing FS type reported by Wine

Derek Broughton dbroughton at
Thu Dec 26 17:24:20 CST 2002

Greg Turner wrote:
> On Thursday 26 December 2002 10:35 am, Derek Broughton wrote:
>>Duane Clark wrote:
>>>Derek Broughton wrote:
>>>>Windows which _doesn't_ understand the concept of different file
>>>>systems under a single drive.
>>Surely from Windows p-o-v _no_ other return values should be
>>legitimate. Can windows natively read any other types?  I don't think
> Hmm, perhaps not out of the box, but surely, what with reparse-points, 
> DFS, "offline files", hard-links, and other such features, it's not so 
> simple as "fs(root)==fs(arbitrary_subdir(root)) && fs(root) in [fat, 
> ntfs]" in all cases, is it?  And then there is support for netware, 
> appletalk, and even nfs....
> Also, itsn't it totally possible, even limiting ones self to documented 
> functionality in the DDK, to produce 3rd-party FS drivers and install 
> them (note, that I didn't say easy :) )?  The above just covers what 
> you can get from Microsoft...  For example, doesn't Oracle provide some 
> FS driver (or perhaps they gave up on that plan...)?
> Regardless, I don't see anything wrong with the current approach, which 
> could be extended to support NTFS, or some new driver.  Getting the 
> emulated FS type from the native FS type seems like a limitation more 
> than a feature to me... or am I missing the idea of this?

Tony seemed to think it was more difficult.  I still don't see how, even 
if you want to support all the third-party possibilities, it's possible 
to have two files systems under one drive in Windows.

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