Hi, I have a strange project...

Alexander Derbes acd at brillig.org
Fri Feb 1 17:05:13 CST 2002

I have a java application that uses JNI (Java Native Methods) that allow
it to use a windows DLL.

I would very much like to run this application under linux using wine to
run java and link to the DLL.  I think it will work but am having trouble
with the wine configuration.  In particular:

The windows version of java running under wine starts but when it trys to
load a class, it first trys to load some objects out of a binary file
rt.jar.  rt.jar is in a path that is defined relative to the path of the
jre.exe program that is being executed, however, apparently, this
information is getting munged by wine?

Any ideas?


acd at brillig.org - acd at cwru.edu
w650.627.1126 - c415.572.1669

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