Wine not recognizing cdrom in Dune 2000

Zach Paine zman at
Fri Feb 1 21:24:24 CST 2002

	I'm having some problems with getting wine to access the cdrom
	drive in Westwood's Dune 2000.  I'm using Debian, and updated to
	the latest available build: 20020122.  However I could not
	install Dune2000.  I would run the setup program, but it would
	give me an error saying it could not access the data files and
	would quit.  So I downgraded to 20011226 and it installed fine.
	It also runs fine in that older build, but if I then update wine
	and run the installed version of the game, it once again
	complains that it cannot find the data it needs on the cdrom.
	I've only seen this behavior exhibited in Dune2000.  Note, that
	I'm using the same config file for both versions.  Can anyone
	make a suggestion?

	Zach Paine

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