Fresh install not working

Joseph R. Hoot joe at
Fri Feb 8 16:45:41 CST 2002

I have just downloaded and installed the latest wine-20020122 by
untaring it, then doing tools/wineinstall.  It seemed to install ok.  I
have linux on one partition and windows xp on another.  I would like to
run things like Map Point, Internet Explorer, Propellerheads Reason and
possibly other things.  After I ran tools/wineinstall, I went and made
sure that ~/.wine/config, userreg and systemreg looked ok.  It seemed
that the wineinstall took care of them pretty well.  

Now I'm trying to run notepad.exe, just as a test.  I see part of it pop
up on the screen and then it just freezes.  The console is saying this:

joevaio root # wine notepad.exe
err:win32:PE_fixup_imports No implementation for
USER32.dll.684(UnhookWinEvent) imported from
C:\windows\notepad.exe, setting to 0xdeadbeef
err:win32:PE_fixup_imports No implementation for
USER32.dll.638(SetWinEventHook) imported from C:\windows\notepad.exe,
setting to 0xdeadbeef
fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_KEYBOARD_DetectLayout Your keyboard layout was not
Using closest match instead (United States keyboard layout) for scancode
Please define your layout in windows/x11drv/keyboard.c and submit them
to us for inclusion into future Wine releases.
See the Wine User Guide, chapter "Keyboard" for more information.

What might my next steps be?  I am currently looking into the configs to
make sure that they're all set.

My config files are at if you would like to
see how they stand.

Any help is appreciated.  I hear great things about wine, but I haven't
been able to get any program to work.

Joe Hoot
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