no built in EXE module loaded did you specify an .spec

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Fri Feb 8 19:37:54 CST 2002

On Sat, 9 Feb 2002, Erwin van de Glind wrote:

> On Saturday 09 February 2002 00:01, you wrote:
> BTW i rebuilded the system and now it works ;)
> but i get an other error now:
> Warning: /usr/local/bin/wine not accessible from a configured DOS drive

This is harmless; you can make it go away with a ~/.wine/config entry
like this:

[Drive G]
"Path" = "/usr/local/bin"
"Type" = "network"
"Label" = "Homely"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

Drive letter is somewhat arbitrary, but should be unique among the
Drive's in a config.  I just happened to be at G when I decided to put
it in.

> err:module:map_image Could not map section .data, file probably truncated
This is more what I would expect from a damaged .exe file.

see what "file", "winedump dump" or "pedump" (if you have one) say about


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