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Sun Feb 10 19:42:18 CST 2002

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, [utf-8] Duško Rusmir wrote:

> What I have to do with nls? What I have to write in them?

I don't know.  If I knew, I'd write it myself, make up a patch, and
submit it to wine-patches at  You can see examples of what
a more complete .nls file looks like in the .nls files for other
languages  (eng.nls, maybe); you know the names of the months and so on,
I guess.  Where you get a LOCALE_IDEFAULTMACCODEPAGE number from,
though, I have no idea.

before I work on a file, I get ready to make a patch:

mkdir ~/nls
mkdir ~/nls/was
mkdir ~/nls/is
cd <wine>
cp -Ppar dlls/kernel/nls/srl.nls ~/nls/was
(make changes.  Make sure it compiles, and the new version is some
improvement over the old).
cp -Ppar dlls/kernel/nls/srl.nls ~/nls/is
cd ~/nls
diff -urN was is >srl.nls.diff

There is doco at that tells other ways to do it.  That's just
how I do it.
> I install Wine very often.
> Thanks for Yours help.

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