no built in EXE module loaded did you specify an .spec

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Mon Feb 11 13:11:56 CST 2002

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Erwin van de Glind wrote:

> Its the installer from half life so i don't think it's 16bits
> When i do the winebugmsg i get a loooot of things and don't knwo how to put
> it in a log so could you please give me the command ;)
> i thought it was wine d:\\Setup.exe --debugmsg +module > wine.log
> but it don't work so :)
> Greetz
> Thanx

Right.  wine writes debugging messages to stderr.

d:\\Setup.exe --debugmsg +module 2> wine.log
d:\\Setup.exe --debugmsg +module > wine.log 2>&1

I like this way, in caseit crashes and I need to work the debugger;
I get a copy on the screen and one in the file:

d:\\Setup.exe --debugmsg +module 2>&1 |tee wine.log

For more ways, see the man page for the shell you use (probably bash)
the section on redirection, or scan for the string &> which should land
you near the end of that section.



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