wine and snmp

Johan Johansen Johan.Johansen at
Tue Feb 12 02:19:03 CST 2002

I use Wine release 20011226, and I am ver happy every time I can run my
small windows-programs without booting into dos. However

I try to run management from ORiNOCO, orman.exe, under wine and run in to
some trouble. This program sends out an SNMP GET to retrieve info from the
agent, but under wine the OID in the package is sometimes wrong.

wine:    GetRequest  E:762. E:762.
windows: GetRequest  E:762. E:762.

The last digit in the OID is actually an index number, so the agent
returns "noSuchName" to the wine manager. Wine use a 0 at the end,
regardless of what the index number should be.

Any GetNext-requests is working ok.

So, if anyone could give a hint to solutions, please do.

Johan Johansen
University of Tromso, Norway.

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