Anyone experienced in installing Office97 ?

Daniel.Kurucz at Daniel.Kurucz at
Wed Feb 13 02:56:45 CST 2002

Hi all,

Is there anyone, who has successfully installed Office95/97 or 2k under
wine ?
When invoking setup.exe, the error message is : "Invalid parameter "" "
When invoking acmsetup.exe with params, the setup starts, and later aborts
with error message "Object not found : 3607" - or semthing like this.
File copy doesn't appear.

Any suggestions ?
'Till now, I've successfully installed Lotus Notes, Acrobat Reader, and
some other small programs, but none of the Office package (e.g. WordViewer
or others) will install.

I'm using the daily wine-cvs-stripped RPMs, for testing there is
OS is SuSE Linux 7.3

Thanx in advance:

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