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matty i at usenet.sigh
Sat Feb 16 00:14:16 CST 2002

i'm trying to get "front office football: the college years" working
in wine.  there's a free downloadable demo at  it's a football
simulator with extensive mfc widgets (lists and the like).  as of the
late january wine release, the lists weren't being populated with most
of their data.  in new cvs's, though, the data is showing up.  i'm
guessing this is due to the jan 29th changes to listview.

the problem i'm having now is that the columns are neither lining up
nor sorting (upon clicks to the column headers).  i have a log from
running the demo "+relay=listview" that i've attached.  there's an
example of a bad listview toward the end of the log (with all the
college names being added).

are there other debugging logs i could post?  would a screenshot help
to explain the situation?

thanks for any help.  sorry about the repostiness of this, but i was
posting to and noticed that most of the
traffic came from the gateway here (and, thus, i was afraid i was
missing a lot of eyeballs).

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