ldconfig : ..... .so is not a symbolic link

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Sat Feb 16 10:31:40 CST 2002

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, David Elliott wrote:

> Solves all of these problems.

No it doesn't.  It was nothing to do with --prefix.
> Besides.. make uninstall is a broken concept anyway.. Who the hell would
> want to keep the sourcetree of a program around just so they could
> uninstall it properly?  Not I.
> -Dave
I keep the source in case I want to work on it, or test somebody's
patch, also I just like having source around.

This fixed it:

ChangeSet ID:	1013786006777549421414733
CVSROOT:	/opt/cvs-commit
Module name:	wine
Changes by:	julliard at wine2.	02/02/15 10:13:27

Modified files:
	.              : Makefile.in configure configure.ac

Log message:
	Fixed installation issues caused by new configure script.

Patch: http://cvs.winehq.com/patch.py?id=1013786006777549421414733

Revision  Changes    Path
 1.107    +3 -1      wine/Makefile.in
 1.256    +362 -364  wine/configure
 1.2      +0 -3      wine/configure.ac


Probable user head space error. - Dennis A. Moore

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