Newbie Trying To Get Ghost Recon To Install

Joel Miller joelmiller at
Sat Feb 16 16:46:07 CST 2002


I'm new to using WINE (and to these lists), so I apologize if this has
been asked and answered already: Has anyone been able to get Ghost Recon
to at least install? The autorun program came up just fine, but when I
click the button to install, it promptly quits. I tried running the
setup.exe program directly, and it gets as far as trying to setup and
install shield wizard, and then gives me an error mesage box stating that
it cannot load a certain dll. I do not recall the name of the dll, and I
do not have immediate access to the GR installer -- I borrowed my
friend's discs and manuals to see if it would work under WINE. When I
found out last week that it wouldn't install, I returned them =-(. I
might be able to borrow them again, though.

I am running the latest WINE on this box:

* SuSE Linux 7.1
* 1Ghz Athlon
* SiS Mainboard
* 256MB RAM
* GeForce 2-MX (not using nVidia's drivers, just the ones that come with SuSE)
* 60GB HD

I am trying to set up an MS-Free game machine, so using an existing
WhineDoze install just isn't gonna happen. =-)

Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

Joel Miller

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