Notepad not remaining language selection

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Tue Feb 19 08:33:08 CST 2002

Sylvain, thank you for the bug report.

--- Sylvain Petreolle <spetreolle at> wrote:
> When I use wine's notepad,
> I select a language in the menu.
> Languages are displaying.
> But after closing notepad,
> the language selection is canceled.
> Is this not implement or is there a problem ?

It is not implemented yet.

You can fix it if you wish. The fix seems very simple
-  the language selection should be stored in some
registry key and restored on startup. I can provide
you with help if you need.

Let me know if you are interested. Otherwise I'll look
at it in a few days.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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