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Rick Romero rick at
Tue Feb 19 13:26:20 CST 2002

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I should try wine-devel, but I'll throw it out here
I'm looking into some of the strange issues with FoxPro5, and what I
thought were MDI issues.  These issues don't exist prior to June 2000,
and are basically known regressions.

I did a trace (cvs as of today 2/19/2002):
 wine --debugmsg +win,+event,+x11 vfp.exe
to see what was happening, and I think I'm seeing something peculiar.
(I only added x11, because I'm running managed..)

In the attached trace (not the whole thing, just a last chunk), I have a
large FoxPro Window, with a child window that is the command window. 
When I right-click the child window, the parent moves to the background,
behind my shell, but the (copy/paste) menu itself has focus and is in
the front. This is functional, but is a little strange.

The REAL problem is at the end, I've done a left click on the child
window.  This causes Wine to freeze, I threw in 2 _TRACE calls in spy.c
to watch when the mouse button is clicked, and according to the trace,
it's only called for a left click, not the right.  I had to left click
the parent to bring it to the front, and I see no _TRACE from :win: in
that respect.  Up until I left click on the child, all EVENT's are shown
like: trace:event:  The freeze happens when the click event is

I don't pretend to understand the whole structure of Wine, but when I
see something different happening when a problem occurs, I'm natually
thinking the problem is cause by the difference.. Or am I on the wrong



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