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Thu Feb 21 11:00:31 CST 2002

Can you give me a step-by-step on how to install a program like office or
point me to a page that does? I'm running a dual-boot W2K and Suse 7.3, and
have the W2K mounted on my system. I've been playing with Wine, but can't do
more than pull up notepad. I can't find an "idiot's guide" to wine either.

I'm using the rpm wine from Nov of last year. My confusion is how to install
programs...from windows or from SuSe. I have a fake windows directory as

Thanks for your help!!


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Hi all,

Have successfully installed Office2k.
All programs start correctly, even if there is a message, that the Office
Assistant didn't install correctly, but they run.
Of course, i have some problems :-)) :
1. In Word, the text, i was typing, does not appear. In Excel and PowerPnt
it does...
2. Neither Word, nor other Office applications can open or save any files,
because they mean, the place to read from, or to write to, is
write-protected. On file-system level the directories aren't protected
(i've tried chmod 777).
3. Access won't start, because IE5 wasn't installed correctly. I don't care
about this, because i am not using Access. :-)

My wine version and OS is :  wine-cvs-stripped-02202002 ; SuSE Linux 7.3
/2.4.10/. I've tried some older wine-versions, but they also produced the
same errors...

Any suggestions ?

Thanx in advance :

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