How do I launch with Start/Run ??

Bob Gustafson bobgus at
Thu Feb 21 11:25:53 CST 2002

Hi List

I am a newbie to Wine, but managed to download it and have run 123free.exe
and dbridge.exe successfully over the last couple of days.

My OS is RedHat 7.2 and wine is the download rpm file:


The program I am trying to run on wine came with my Rex 6000 pda. It is an
interesting gadget (I have a couple of REX 5000 units which can be loaded
from Linux), but comes with a Windows-only set of programs.

The program package is installed from a cdrom using a Setup.exe program.
The instructions for installing say 'do not double-click on the Setup.exe
icon' but go to the Start menu, go to Run and then navigate to the cdrom
location of Setup.exe and proceed from there.

When I double-click on the Setup.exe icon (in Gnome/nautilus), I get a
blank window with the little word 'Default' in the upper left corner.
Looking at 'ps ax' shows 3 processes running which refer to the setup.exe -
probably one is the main (blank) window and the two others are probably
wine message and debug windows.

My question:  With wine, how do I simulate the Start->Run method of
launching a program?

Thanks for your time (and the opportunity to be M$ free).


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