Seeing Hebrew Fonts

Lina Kemmel LKEMMEL at
Thu Feb 21 11:59:27 CST 2002

I was able to see hebrew after slight code changes -- by using appropriate 
CP conversion table (I have it temporarily hardcoded). However, I can type 
hebrew only in 'iw_IL' locale (known as "hebrew old code"), which seems to 
be unsupported by wine. When trying the "right" 'he' locale, which is 
recognized by wine, hebrew is not displayed.
My question is: what's the current situation with hebrew and arabic 
locales? Which one(s),if any, is really supported? What could be done in 
this area?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Sorry if it's a wrong list for asking such type of questions. If so, 
please point me on the right one..

Moshe Wajnberg/Israel/Contr/IBM at IBMIL
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I am using Wine (rel 26 12 2001) on a Red Hat Distribution (7.1). I would
like to see some Hebrew fonts. I have some True Type fonts installed on my
PC .

How could I proceed ?


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