Help tracing WINE funcion..

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Thu Feb 21 19:31:07 CST 2002

On 21 Feb 2002, Rick Romero wrote:

> Nope. No joy :/

What no native msvcrt?  Not a viral Crud++ app?
> >
> > Or try winedbg and set a breakpoint.
> That's probably beyond me.. but I have some time :)
> Thanks
> Rick
Did I mention that sometimes when you don't have a clue
--debugmsg +relay
can give you a good starting point to see what it is you have to contend
with?  Sure, it makes a big trace file, but it has pretty near all the
interaction between the app and Wine.  Actually, I am more likely to use

--debugmsg $relay

echo $relay

That weeds out a lot of the more repetitive and often meaningless relay

cat .bashrc|grep relay
export relay="-relay=rtlentercriticalsection:RTLleavecriticalsection:rtldeletecriticalsection:initializecriticalsection:interlockedincrement:interlockeddecrement"

I'd much rather debug a crash than wrong results.  In effect, a crash is
a problem with a builtin breakpoint.

Oh well.  Wine build complete.  Have to see if it will run my VC++ app
with builtin msvcrt yet.


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