Manage Your Money

Zach Paine zman at
Thu Feb 21 21:07:05 CST 2002

	I'm trying to get Manage Your Money to run under wine so that I
	can convince my parents to run linux on their machine.  It
	installs fine and I can run it.  When I click on "Start New
	Account" or any other button for that matter, wine crashes with
	these messages:

	err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x400e6d28
	"syslevel.c: Win16Mutex" wait timed out, retrying (60 sec)
	wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...
	err:seh:EXC_DefaultHandling Unhandled exception code c0000005
	flags 0 addr 0x4027c307
	Wine exited with a successful status

	Hope that information is somewhat helpful.  By the way, keep up
	the good work on the project, I enjoy playing Dune2000 and Red
	Alert in linux :)

		-Zach Paine

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