Can Wine run Office XP?

B. Joshua Rosen bjrosen at
Fri Feb 22 19:46:51 CST 2002

In <a564kq$4m1$1 at>, Andreas Dubhorn wrote:

>> you can restore it if anything goes wrong. You don't want to have to
>> call Microsoft and explain to them that you changed the Wine
>> configuration files and Office XP stopped working (the same goes for
>> Win4Lin and VMWare), they aren't likely to be sympathetic.
> Whats the problem to call MS? I haven't read anywhere that they say you
> have to use MS Windows. Especialy in Germany (where I live) you can do
> with the soft  in this case  what you want. You paid for the Lizenz, so
> if it works under wine and only the Protection is the problem, the have
> to give you as many keys as you need. It is your right to use the
> software and if MS will will stop you from using their software under
> wine, they have to make a new licence. But with the actuall licenc there
> is no chance for them.
> cu
> Andreas

Do really want to spend your life on hold calling M$ support all the
time? Wine is very much an alpha program, chances are that you are going
to have to play with switches and configurations before you get your
application running. How will the XP license manager react to those changes? Also
there is a new release of Wine every few weeks, you don't have any
guarantee that a change in Wine won't aggrevate the XP license manager.
Finally there is nothing in Office XP that you can't get in Office 2K,
why give yourself grief.

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