BSD installation

Alex Volkov volkoff_fido at
Sat Feb 23 02:37:40 CST 2002

Hi all !
I searched newsgroup archive prior to ask this newbie question, did not find
any answer;

I am trying to install wine (20020122) on FreeBSD (4.5)

I have 2 problems:

1. When I do installation from port, I am getting errors like "undefined
reference to .."
To memset, getuid, memcpy, strcat, strcpy etc ..

2. When is is finally built and installed, I can run wine itself but I can
not use ./tools/wineinstall for tune-up :(
It says "command not found"

Any suggestions?

I tried chmod -x, checked all permissions to 755, tried under user and under
root, tried install from port, from package list (sysinstall) and from
source tarball - the same result!

What should I do ?!?!

Please help!



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