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Sat Feb 23 06:13:05 CST 2002

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>In <a54qbm$4kipo$1 at>, trax wrote:
>> Dunno what you have been a smoking, but win4lin is not wine.
>This is the most appropriate newsgroup for him to post in. There isn't a
>Win4Lin newsgroup 

eh? So what have I been reading (or smoking?!)  the past two years!

as I posted to the other thread mentioning win4lin, there is a very good
subscription-group (*), 

win4lin-users at

subscription details on the netraverse site

of course, if you only have a warez version of win4lin (I gather they
exist), you may have some reluctance to go down that road... :-)


* ie like wine-devel - only about half the traffic 
robert w hall

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