CAD on wine - some almost useable, others not at all...

Lars O. Grobe grobe at
Sat Feb 23 08:35:06 CST 2002


First, I know your Linux/CAD-pages, and they are great. But while there are 
a lot of modellers and even some 2d-apps, architectural CAD (CAAD) is quite 
rare on Linux. BTW, Microstation for Linux exists only on some secret disks 
at Bentley afaik, they seam to be not willing to sell it to anybody...

What I need is a productive CAAD software. I need objects like walls, 
windows, doors, stairs, not only geometry, I need to be able to create 
sections and views with a few mouse clicks, and these views must be able to 
adapt changes I make to the design. So, if you take a look at the 
functionality of Archicad or Vectorworks, you will understand that I can't 
use QCad for this (while it's great to have really free 2d CAD on Linux).

The software that seams to be closest to my needs seams to be Octree at the 
moment, while it's missing still some functions and I have problems with 
their icon-free GUI.

At the moment, I hope to get Vectorworks running on wine. But in the 
future, we need a real CAAD on Linux! I see that Linux might be an almost 
perfect base for architectural workstations, we have Gimp etc, the network 
software, we have professional 3d software, renderers and printing 
solutions for large format printing - but the architectural CAD is weak on 
Linux at the moment.

CU, Lars.

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