GetLayout call...

Kari Jaspe Sake jaspesake.remove.all at
Sat Feb 23 17:07:43 CST 2002


The problem:

I don't see any writing on the screen sing the wine (the very latest)
and runnig Personal Anchestral File (PAF) version 5.

Ok, the menus come out ok and the hints but the canvas / screeen /
whatever is it called , doesn't show any text on it...

on the terminal screen I see :

fixme:dc:GetLayout (000008b8): stub

multiple times as the program runs (hundreds of lines ...)

Well, I looked into the source code dc.c under objects - directory. And
there it is. I thought that I might do something about this since I can
program with c, but as I change the function not to call FIXME and
recompile (make clean first - just to be on the safe side)...

My changes seem not to work... further as I look in to the code I see
declaration of like:

static void __wine_stub_GetLayout(void) {
__wine_unimplemented("GetLayout"); } 

My quess is that this is the place ... I'd sure like to experiment and
write some code but I am a bit lost here howto make wine react to the
function call GetLayout in dc.c file ...

Any pointers how to continue with this? Or is somebody already working
on Get/SetLayout stuff?

Thank you,



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