GetLayout call...

Kari Jaspe Sake jaspesake.remove.all at
Sat Feb 23 17:51:46 CST 2002

Answering partly to myself:

Well, I think that the problem has something to with fonts. Since I do
see some text which I suppose is in different font than most of the text
on screen ...

Kari Jaspe Sake wrote:
> Hi,
> The problem:
> I don't see any writing on the screen sing the wine (the very latest)
> and runnig Personal Anchestral File (PAF) version 5.
> Ok, the menus come out ok and the hints but the canvas / screeen /
> whatever is it called , doesn't show any text on it...
> on the terminal screen I see :
> fixme:dc:GetLayout (000008b8): stub
> multiple times as the program runs (hundreds of lines ...)
> Well, I looked into the source code dc.c under objects - directory. And
> there it is. I thought that I might do something about this since I can
> program with c, but as I change the function not to call FIXME and
> recompile (make clean first - just to be on the safe side)...
> My changes seem not to work... further as I look in to the code I see
> declaration of like:
> static void __wine_stub_GetLayout(void) {
> __wine_unimplemented("GetLayout"); }
> My quess is that this is the place ... I'd sure like to experiment and
> write some code but I am a bit lost here howto make wine react to the
> function call GetLayout in dc.c file ...
> Any pointers how to continue with this? Or is somebody already working
> on Get/SetLayout stuff?
> Thank you,
> --
> ...


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