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Tony Lambregts lambregt at
Sat Feb 23 17:26:36 CST 2002

Nicholas Tomlin wrote:
> Hello all,
> Flame me if you must but I have a problem, I'm either too thick to work
> it out or the docs miss something vital to my machine.
> I have read through the docs and here is my problem..
> I have installed wine from Mandrake 7.2 distribution - wine
> 20000909mdk1, but alas, it won't go.

Your wine is VERY old.
you can get a newer version at
you can also get the latest version of the source and documentation at

and one of the following should do

I recomend downloading the documentation and installing from source. Its 
really not too bad even for a newbie. Sometimes its best to go to the 

Tony Lambregts

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