ADV: gInstall: Red Army Day Price crash!

gInstall Corp. info at
Sun Feb 24 07:32:46 CST 2002

February, 23 became in Russia a man's day. Originally this day was
devoted to the Soviet Army and men who defended the Soviet Union.

Now this day is a symbol for a man who is a protector of the family
and motherland. Some of our programmers are russian and celebrate this
holiday. We would like to demonstrate respect and honor for their work
and celebrate this holiday with them. gInstall offers you the
opportunity to celebrate this holiday together with them and announces
50% discount to all Ghost Installer Studio 2.x Editions. You save at
least US-$ 95,- on the basic Ghost Installer Studio 2.x Edition.

The offer ends on February, 26 at 9 pm CET.

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