Shlwapi UNC problems with IE6

Duane Clark junkmail at
Sun Feb 24 16:28:16 CST 2002

lawson_whitney at wrote:
> Winedbg is sort of like gdb, in case that might help.
> It marks where it is in the stack (actually, in the backtrace of the
> stack) with => at the beginning of the line.  the command "up"
> moves the pointer down one entry in the list (of course  :-).

Just to bust in momentarily (sorry), "info local" knows enough to tell 
me when it has a structure:
Wine-dbg>info local
struct tagLISTVIEW_INFO* infoPtr == 0x40360000

But is there a fancy way to print out the structure? Poking around the 
documentation, I see the commands x and print, but they both seem to 
only print either the pointer address, or a single location pointed to 
by it.

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