Lotus Notes key mapping problem

Toby Haynes thaynes at ca.ibm.com
Sun Feb 24 16:44:48 CST 2002

On 24 Feb 2002, kdd at optelnow.net wrote:
> This is a random, but very irritating, bug which shows up in wine
> versions for the past 2 months.  When first creating a mail reply or
> message, all is fine until some event like pasting or active window
> changes, then every key pressed  except a-z (numbers, capital letters,
> even enter) causes  a notes action other than the key (like pop-up
> dialogs).  The mapping stays bad for subsequent messages until I
> restart notes.

I've noticed a problem where potentially 'sticky' keys get stuck on. These are
generally modifier keys (alt, ctrl, etc). Sometimes pressing these keys down
and releasing is enough to restore normal functionality. Sometimes not...

Toby Haynes


Toby Haynes
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