memory leak?

Jure Pecar Jure.Pecar at
Mon Feb 25 05:50:24 CST 2002

I got no reply to this mail, so i'm writing again. 
I still get the same behaviour on today's cvs snapshot.

Looking on the web site, bugzilla there is only for codeweavers' wine. Can
i enter this problem there? I'd really need to have this fixed. Also, any
hint of my config to help you trace the problem would be welcome too.

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002 15:01:09 +0100
Jure Pecar <Jure.Pecar at> wrote:

> Hi list,
> I'm configuring microsoft doc|ppt|xls viewers to run under KDE. After a
> bit of hassle even printig works ok :) Great work, guys.
> I noticed while running xlview.exe that wine proccess grows about 3mb in
> size each 5 seconds. Running with --debugmsg warn+all shows lots of
> 'warn:heap:HEAP_Is_Real_Arena Heap 0x40ef0000: block 0x300476d2 is not
> inside heap' messages. With wordview.exe wine grows too, but much more
> slower. I'm using wine-20020122, but the same happens with cvs version
> from friday. Compiled on redhat 7.2 with all errata applied with
> enable-dll, enable-opengl and with-x configure options.
> Any ideas? With 256mb of ram the machine starts trashing only after a
> couple of minutes ...  


Jure Pecar

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