"send" marked text into notepad.exe (copy&paste)

Eike Lantzsch eikelan at gmx.net
Mon Feb 25 16:20:04 CST 2002


Can somebody please enlighten me how far the cut&paste function in 
Wine has matured?

Here's what I'm trying to do:
Run notepad managed. (works OK)
Run 16bit VB3 application managed (works OK)
Mark text in VB3 application.
Normal copy CTRL-C and CTRL-V into any *nix application like
StarOffice or KDE editor or terminal works OK but...

The VB3 application is able to "send" with CTRL-C CTRL-V
to any text editor if it knows the title of the window where
the text editor is. (At least under Winblows it works)
This can be configured in the appl.

With Wine the VB3 appl "sees" the notepad.exe window.
This is a success and a step forward for Wine since I last
tried it..
When I try to "send" to notepad.exe the following happens:
The text window of notepad.exe gets erased and shows the 
background of my root window. I can close notepad and it asks
if I want to save the text but the "sent" text does not appear
in the saved file, only the text, which I entered manually into
notepad before the attempt to "send".

Do I have to run the clipboard server of NT4? As far as I 
understand runing this service does not work under Wine.

I'm using Wine without Windows partition. Although I have NT4 
installed on the same box I'm using this only to get me some 
dlls, ini files and the applications, which are not installable under
My Wine is current cvs.

Please give me a hint where to start tracing the problem to
supply meaningful information to the news group.

Regards, Ike
Eike Lantzsch ZP6CGE

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