True Windows Partition?

phrostie pfrostie at
Mon Feb 25 16:25:20 CST 2002

in you're HOME/.wine/config file you will need to point wine at either a 
windows partition if you already have one, or a directory (/var/lib/wine, /c, 
or /home/wine) and lie to the application about there being windows installed.

running wine without winedos is really not that bad or that hard.
there is NO need to repartition your disk.

On Monday 25 February 2002 15:05, you wrote:
> I've downloaded codeweavers-wine-20011108, and installed it on a Red Hat
> 6.1 linux box.
> It won't launch any programs, however, and returns an error message that
> says it needs a "true Windows partition mounted under Linux" or an "empty
> Windows directory".
> Does this mean I need to repartition the hard drive?
> Thanks, again,
> Roy
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