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Mon Feb 25 23:06:41 CST 2002

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Joshua B. wrote:

> I have a copy of the Sims installed on a Win2k FAT32 partition.  I know
> for a fact that The Sims works under Wine (Mandrake's "Gamer" edition),
> but I get an error when I try to run it.  The error is as follows:
> "Game cannot be started because:
>   There is not enough memory or hard drive space to run.
>   Exit now."

That is almost certainly a lie.  Yes, children, messageboxes often lie.
If I will start the app I use to send this with builtin riched32.dll,
it will raise an equivalent messagebox, but if I use native riched32,
suddenly it has plenty of memory and disk space.  YMMV, but something
it wants at startup is missing, and as far as it can tell, it is memory
or disk space.  It could be _anything_.  A resource, a registry entry,
a file in windows/system (make one with the *NIX command "touch" and
that may well be enough), _anything_.
wine --debugmsg +relay blah.exe 2>&1 |tee ~/logfile
might well show you what it is looking for before it gives up with that
stupid messagebox.
> I do have plenty of free space and plenty of memory.  Does anyone know
> how to get The Sims to run under Wine?
> Thanks,
> Josh.

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