How to build WineX???

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Tue Feb 26 04:06:41 CST 2002

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> I took the CVS from WineX (as mentioned on the Website).
> I downloaded fine and compiled fine. But: I have only a wine exec, but
> no winex. In the tools subfolder, there is a winex. But when I run it it
> just states, that some dir´s are missing (/usr/lib/transgaming and so
> on). The exec winex is only a script, no bin. Does somebody know how to
> build a real winex with DX8 Support? Or is the only chance to get this
> thingy by subscribing? Thank you very much in advance!

I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that its binary is just named
"wine", not winex.  (after all, it is for the most part just an expanded
version of vanilla WINE)

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