Converting pfm to afm files

Marcus Roeckrath marcus.roeckrath at
Tue Feb 26 04:50:03 CST 2002

Hi Ian,

Ian Pilcher wrote:

> I don't believe that PFM files contain all the information needed to do
> this.  However, you should be able to find the AFM file for just about
> any PostScript printer font at Adobe's FTP site.  (It may take some
> digging to find it.  The FTP site is organized with some weird numbering
> scheme, which is described somewhere on their web site.)

I found an utility in my SuSE distribution create an afm metric file out of 
the pfb/pfm file; it's pf2afm and it works well.

But this does not solve my problems.

I am trying to use the music notation software Encore 4.1.1 under wine. But 
possibly it's the ttf font which is not found properly. I had installed 
encore under pure win98se about two years ago including ttf and ps versions 
of the program specific fonts.

I also installed the ttf and ps fonts to the xserver. Other win programs 
displays this fonts in a font chossing dialog.

I tried the win fontviewer "fontview" to examine the problem and found 
something which I do not understand:

wine --winver win98 /dosC/windows/fontview /dosC/windows/fonts/an.ttf

pops up an error message that "/dosC/windows/fonts/an.ttf" is not a valid 
font file.

wine --winver win98 /dosC/windows/fontview "c:\\dosC/windows/fonts/an.ttf"


wine --winver win98 /dosC/windows/fontview an.ttf

directly started from the win font dir worked properly.

It is possible that wine looks for fonts in a way that Encore does not 
recognizes? Encore allways said that the font Anastasia is not installed?


Gruss Marcus

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