eFaxViewer problem

Mathias L Bjorkman tech at mathco.com
Tue Feb 26 13:10:10 CST 2002

The installation of the eFax veiwer worked fine. No glitches.

But when running the eFaxViewer it allows me to open the document
and it displays it.

But after a minute or so my xterm window get filled
with the message

err:local:LOCAL_GetBlock not enough space in GDI heap 0207 for 20 bytes
err:region:CombineRgn Invalid rgn=0000

And the only way to stops this is to open up a new xterm and kill the wine

The Wine distro I have is downloaded from http://wine.dataparty.no
and i use the wine-cvs-unstripped-022602-1.i386.rpm

Any suggestions would be appreciated

tech at mathco.com

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