Dummy Printing Round 2!

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at camline.com
Mon Feb 25 14:31:35 CST 2002

Dtr wrote:

> If possible I want to tell wine I have a printer installed (write to file
> printer if possible) as I do not have a printer but have a windows
> application that requires a printer to be installed to run, could anyone
> advise me on any pointers of doing this,


first of all: I did not try this suggestion.

Reading between the lines i found:


grep -iA4 spooler documentation/samples/config
"FILE:" = "tmp.ps"
"LPT1:" = "|lpr"
"LPT2:" = "|gs -sDEVICE=bj200 -sOutputFile=/tmp/fred -q -"
"LPT3:" = "/dev/lp3"

from documentation/psdrv.reg

PostScript Driver]
"Default Devmode"=
"Name"="Wine PostScript Driver"
"Port"="LPT1:"                  <--- change this to "FILE:"
"Print Processor"="WinPrint"
"Printer Driver"="PS Driver"
"Start Time"="dword:00000000"
"Until Time"="dword:00000000"

adjust the file for your requirements and import it via regapi.

What does your program now?


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