How to build WineX???

trax traxtopel at
Wed Feb 27 07:17:40 CST 2002

What no winex executable, what do u expect.
Ok here is the miracle.

mv /opt/winex/bin/wine /opt/winex/bin/winex

Is that what you are looking for??

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:03:49 +0100, Patrick Buedi wrote:

> On Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:06:50 +0100, trax <traxtopel at> wrote:
> [Description]
>>Then I export the required wine variables before running/installing
>>software :))
> But then there is still noch winex for me. Maybe Plasma is right... and
> there is no real winex exec. I am just confused, because on the
> transgaming HP they speak of a winex executable.
> It doesn´t matter... till now I got only sol.exe running... maybe I find
> time on the weekend and get my Monkey Island 4 running... I read that I
> should use --gl to run in it OpenGL Mode. But I can´t get it installing.
> I would do some excessive FAQ / HowTo reading on the weekend... sure I
> can solve the problem.
> But strange... no winex exec... =:-|
> cu...
> buedi!

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