Another newbie-question about the registry...

Ian Collier imc at
Wed Feb 27 10:39:57 CST 2002

In a previous episode of, I was heard to
>Evaluation versions are available from (which is what
>I'm currently using, although I haven't updated my copy for a fair

PS I didn't really expect this to be specific to any one software
package as it could be either a misunderstanding on my part or a strange
registry bug that no one's triggered yet (which seems to be of the form
"updated keys only get saved to user.reg if the key had an old value in
that file to begin with").

PPS This may or may not be connected with the registry but, as
mentioned in another post, when I use Wine with a desktop, 20010418
uses my correct wallpaper for the desktop background but 20020127
makes the background just black, despite the fact that the wallpaper
is mentioned in system.reg.
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