winsock 16 BIT

David Barrena david at
Thu Feb 28 03:15:05 CST 2002

The trace: (read my /etc/services ok ctsql/tcp (5557) but goes to wrong
port 512)

 trace:winsock:WS_LibMain 0x40eb7000 0x1 (nil)
 trace:winsock:WSAStartup16 verReq=101
 trace:winsock:WSAStartup16 succeeded
 trace:winsock:WINSOCK_gethostbyname16 "molina"
 trace:winsock:WINSOCK_getservbyname16 "ctsql", "tcp"
 trace:winsock:WS_socket af=2 type=1 protocol=0
 trace:winsock:WSASocketA af=2 type=1 protocol=0 protocol_info=(nil)
group=0 flags=0x1
 trace:winsock:WSASocketA        created 0044
 trace:winsock:WS_connect socket 0044, ptr 0x40de6a66, length 16
 trace:winsock:WS_send socket 0044, ptr 0x40de6e68, length 170, flags 0
 trace:winsock:WS_recv socket 0044, buf 40de7268, len 1024, flags 0
 trace:winsock:WS_recv  -> 18 bytes
 trace:winsock:WS_closesocket socket 00000044
 trace:winsock:WS_LibMain 0x40eb7000 0x3 (nil)
 Wine exited with a successful status

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