Newies Q: Getting Started With Wine On Red Hat 7.2

Steve stevesusenet at
Thu Feb 28 09:58:05 CST 2002


I'm running Red Hat 7.2 on a lap top that was given to me already set

It looks like wine was preinstalled with Red Hat 7.2.

When I run "wine" at a shell prompt I get the error message

wineserver: chdir /home/srussell/.wine : No such file or directory

I think I might need to run some sort of set up program.

I checked out the win man page, but all it told me was that I should
read the source install directory without telling where it is or which
file I need.

I tried "winesetup" but it doesn't appear to exist.

Can anyone point to where I could read about this issue to get wine

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