BSD installation - second question - registry

Duane Clark junkmail at
Thu Feb 28 13:28:42 CST 2002

Alex Volkov wrote:
> ...
> So now lets talk about registry

Okay, go to:

In particular, look at section 4.4.5. Hmm.. looking at that myself, it 
says to read the documentation/no-windows document, which doesn't exist!

Oh well, you want to do something like this. Go to the directory 
programs/regapi and build regapi. Then run it something like this:
# programs/regapi/regapi setValue < winedefault.reg

Before running that, to make the debugger work, find in the file the 
debugger command (search for "winedbg") and change it to the path to 
winedbg on your machine.

The registry files are in ~/.wine/*.reg, and are plain text files that 
can be edited with any text editor.

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