theoretical question

Art Vandalay jkara at
Thu Feb 28 16:59:40 CST 2002

i have heard some stories from some people who claim to have been able to
set up a partition in linux and install win98 via wine and then having it
fire up. i know wine isnt designed for this purpose but apparantly it has
been done....who knows, maybe someone is pulling my leg.

i'm just wondering if there is anyone out there who has pulled this off and
if so how did they go about doing it. i tried it by trying to set up a fake
windows /usr/win98 the copying the win98 cab files to this
location and configuring  an appropriate wine.conf file. however i wasnt
able to get past the initial win98 intro screen.

btw my partition was an ext3 filesystem or does /usr/win98 have to be a fat
partition??...the guts of my config file is as follows...and im usuing
redhat 7.2 with the latest wine 7.2 rpm

it's no big deal.....but it be cool to stick it up some obnoxious windows
users by having their pathetic little operating system running on my linux
desktop for show :P

[Drive A]
"Path" = "/mnt/floppy"
"Type" = "floppy"
"Label" = "Floppy"
"Serial" = "87654321"
"Device" = "/dev/fd0"

[Drive C]
"Path" = "/usr/src/win98"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "WIN98"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive D]
"Path" = "/mnt/cdrom"
"Type" = "cdrom"
"Label" = "CD-Rom"
"Filesystem" = "win95"
"Device" = "/dev/cdrom"

[Drive E]
"Path" = "/tmp"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "Tmp Drive"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive F]
"Path" = "${HOME}"
"Type" = "network"
"Label" = "Home"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive Z]
"Path" = "/"
"Type" = "network"
"Label" = "Root"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

"Windows" = "c:\\windows"
"System" = "c:\\windows\\system"
"Temp" = "c:\\windows\\temp"
"Path" = "c:\\windows;c:\\windows\\system;c:\\windows\\temp;"
;"Profile" = "c:\\windows\\Profiles\\Administrator"
"GraphicsDriver" = "x11drv"
"ShellLinker" = "wineshelllink"

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