SystemParamtersInfoA Unknown Action: 4104

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Thank you for your note.

MindManager is a Mind Mapping program from MSJ (not the Microsoft Systems
Journal), it is the original as I understand it from the person who
invented them.  The version I am using us MindManager 2002, I have not
tried the earlier versions.

I suspect that the panel which gets displayed expects either mouse or
keyboard actions, but neither get it going.  I will try installing this on
a Windows machine to see what should happen.  I was curious about the
action number as it was so different from the ones Wine was looking for.
Perhaps the 0x4000 bit should be masked off, but it is a ulong!

Without knowledge of what this action is for, it is difficult to know how
to proceed.  Anyone know anything about it?


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avid.Goodenough at wrote:
> I have just tried to fire up MindManager under Wine.
 It installed cleanly
> (as far as I can tell) and successfully created an
icon on my KDE desktop..
> When I try to run it however, it first complains
about a fixme in
> CreateAcceleratorTableA, which I think I understand,
and then hits another
> fixme in SystemParamertersInfoA from which it asked
for action 4104.
> Looking at SystemParametersInfoA this seems odd as
the action value is much
> too large.  Does anyone have any idea what this
might mean?  Neither 04 nor
> 41 make much sense either.
> The app then hangs, and neither the mouse nor the
keyboard seem to be able
> to get from the first little window into the main
application.  Perhaps the
> 04 did make sense, as it talks about the mouse.
> I am running the version from Debian testing.

David, usually the SystemParametersInfo FIXME messages
are not dangerous. I saw action numbers > 4000 before.
Does anybody have documentation or Microsoft header
files which mention these actions?
I'm curious about them.

Please, use Wine documentation how to debug Wine.

What is MindManager? On internet I found a few
products with this name.

BTW, this discussion belongs to the wine-users list.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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