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Mon Jan 7 19:45:11 CST 2002

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, Antonio Augusto Todo Bom Neto wrote:

> 	OK! I thank you. To the moment I will still use older release to
>        microcontroler programming, and I will wait for a new release.
> 	If you wanna another test, plese mail me: antonio at
> 	if you wanna to test the program yourself, it can be find in the
>       Arizona Microchip Site:
> 	and its name is MPLAB 5.xx  is a Integrated Development Environment,
>       is very ease to use and all the people that use PIC microcontroler
>       are waiting for a Linux version, today they are only building the
>       win16 bit version, but there is not date to release it. Then I
>       am using it under wine and I teach many people to use.
> 	Regards
> 	Antonio Augusto Todo Bom
Patches to repair 16 bit comms have now gone into the cvs.  My 16 bit
comms app now works again, anyway.  If you can't get at the cvs, and
want to try them before the next ftp release of Wine, I can mail you a
slew of patches and patch instructions, it'd be maybe a 200k tar.gz I
guess, so you could catch up to the current state of Wine.

I'd need a PIC microcontroller myself to test the program, wouldn't I?
I don't know what a PIC controller is, but if someone wants to lend me
one I'm willing to learn.

Either it works now, or we can start a new round of debugging.
Your idea of traces of the app working with an old version of wine
as well as failing with the current one is good, but please, please,
for comms problems, use --debugmsg +comm,+file

It wasn't always that way, but comms operations are actually done by the
file API, and it is almost impossible to tell what is really going on
without the +file traces.


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