Missing XPM

David dcuny at lanset.com
Wed Jan 16 12:30:25 CST 2002

Lawson wrote:

> typo...

Yes, 'configure', not 'compile'. D'oh!

> Actually, I am glad you got it working.  I hope maybe this little rant
> will help you with some other package, or help some other Wine newbie.

I knew that it was something stupid when I submitted it, but I don't have any 
local gurus I can consult. After a while, you get desperate enough to 
irritate the 'net gurus...

Naturally, the solution occured to me on the drive to work, after I had 
posted the question.

> Maybe you can see a way to improve the doco.

Well, since the chapter is entitled "Compiling Wine", and is subtitled "How 
to compile wine, and problems that may arise...", it might be useful to 
actually do that. :-)

(Not that it excuses me for not finding the README file.)


-- David Cuny

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