Problems with VFAT files with spaces in Wine

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Thu Jan 17 20:18:56 CST 2002

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Martin Clemons wrote:

> I am running RedHat 7.1 on it's own linux drive, and have my win98 drive
> mounted in fstab as vfat.  I have installed wine, and can run programs
> on my windows drive in old 8.3 named directoies.  However, whenever I
> try to run anything in Program Files, for example (with the space in the
> file name), I get the following error:
> /opt/wine/bin/wine.bin: cannot find 'mnt/c/Program\ Files/Sony\
> Handheld/palm.exe
> I can try it from either the terminal, or from GNOME, but it can't seem
> to find any files with spaces.
> I can cd to that directory in the terminal, and the files exist, but
> wine just cannot find them.
> I have "FileSystem" = "win95" in my wine config file.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
>     Martin Clemons
I don't see what is your problem.  I even made a fat32 FS and populated
it with some stupidly named directories (why is it necessary to have
spaces in directory names?  Just because you can?  It's still stupid).

Ohh, I see, I think.

Script started on Thu Jan 17 21:01:51 2002
[whit at giftie whit]$ export PS1='$'
$winelauncher '/mnt/ugly/Program\ Files/Sony\ Handheld/About.exe'
/usr/local/bin/wine: cannot find '/mnt/ugly/Program\ Files/Sony\ Handheld/About.
Script done on Thu Jan 17 21:03:48 2002

I can get that error too, if I try and try.  You obviously don't know
how to work the shell.  If you single-quote the whole path, you need
not, in fact you must not, use escape to quote the spaces.  Unless you
actually have a directory that is named 'Program\ Files'.  That is
not possible on vfat, but it is on normal unix filesystems, and it is
what you have told Wine to look for.  I use winelauncher because that is
what you are actually running when you type "wine".  Now I'll show you a
few ways to do it that will succeed:

Script started on Thu Jan 17 20:49:06 2002
[whit at giftie whit]$ export PS1="$"
$winelauncher '/mnt/ugly/Program Files/Sony Handheld/about.exe'
Wine exited with a successful status
$winelauncher /mnt/ugly/P*/S*/About.exe
Wine exited with a successful status
$winelauncher /mnt/ugly/Program\ Files/Sony\ Handheld/About.exe
Wine exited with a successful status
$cd /mnt/ugly/P*/S*
/mnt/ugly/Program files/Sony Handheld
$winelauncher about.exe
Wine exited with a successful status
$mount|grep ugly
/dev/hdb3 on /mnt/ugly type vfat (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,uid=501)
$df|grep ugly
/dev/hdb3                33728        21     33706   0% /mnt/ugly

Script done on Thu Jan 17 20:52:55 2002
[whit at giftie whit]$


How to work the shell, for wine-newbies.  Number 131072.

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