Still no luck on command line parse

Carol Farlow Lerche cafl at
Tue Jan 29 21:02:05 CST 2002

Thanks, bjornr, however your suggestion to try:

wine "C:\Program Files\intuit\qbtimer\qbtimer.exe"

gave the same result as the other command lines I tried.  

All invoke the qbtimer program and all get the same error from qbtimer:  
 Can't find timer file "Files/intuit/qbtimer.exe" ...

So wine properly finds the qbtimer.exe file.  The error arises after
the program is invoked and it tries to examine its own parameters.

Are you using the same version of Wine as I am?  I have
codeweavers-wine-20011108-5.i386.rpm under Redhat 7.1, and a native
Win98 partition.

I suspect this problem may be related to the different quoting rules
between bash and Windows C library that has been discussed in the
context of cygwin bash and NT emacs spawning win32 programs.  See:

It may not be a bug in this version of Wine, but so far I have been
unable to come up with a recipe that both allows Wine to find the
executable from a path containing a space and also allows the Windows
application to correctly interpret its command line options.

Carol Lerche

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