Still no luck on command line parse

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Wed Jan 30 11:17:05 CST 2002

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Carol Farlow Lerche wrote:

> Thanks, bjornr, however your suggestion to try:
> wine "C:\Program Files\intuit\qbtimer\qbtimer.exe"
> gave the same result as the other command lines I tried.
> All invoke the qbtimer program and all get the same error from qbtimer:
>  Can't find timer file "Files/intuit/qbtimer.exe" ...
> So wine properly finds the qbtimer.exe file.  The error arises after
> the program is invoked and it tries to examine its own parameters.
> Are you using the same version of Wine as I am?  I have
> codeweavers-wine-20011108-5.i386.rpm under Redhat 7.1, and a native
> Win98 partition.
> It may not be a bug in this version of Wine, but so far I have been
> unable to come up with a recipe that both allows Wine to find the
> executable from a path containing a space and also allows the Windows
> application to correctly interpret its command line options.
> Carol Lerche

It might be.  It looks to me as if the current Wine quotes the command
line appropriately - but AFAICT, a windows program doesn't get argv[0]
on the command line, so I guess the C runtime startfile has to construct
argc and argv from GetModuleFilename and the command line or so.  IIRC,
somebody has worked on commandline quoting recently.

You could try

wine -dll msvcrt=b 'C:\Program Files\intuit\qbtimer\qbtimer.exe'
wine -dll crtdll=b 'C:\Program Files\intuit\qbtimer\qbtimer.exe'

depending which one the app uses, but I don't hold out much hope the
builtin msvcrt is quite up to it yet.

or try

wine --debugmsg +relay \
 'C:\Program Files\intuit\qbtimer\qbtimer.exe' \
 2>&1 |tee ~/logfile

to try to see where the app is trying to get the filename from and we
can work from there, maybe.  Those \ only serve to continue the command
to the next line so it doesn't wrap in the mail.


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